The Journey Begins…

The Journey Begins…

Most of my backpacking experiences have been centered around Boy Scouting.  As a youth I was involved in the Cub Scouts then crossed over into the Boy Scouts.

Then when my man cub (son) Jordan was born I wanted to introduce him to the scouting experience. He took to it and went through Scouts all the way to the rank of Eagle (the highest rank you can earn in Boy Scouts).

Now at the time of this writing he is in his final year at Dallas Baptist University. Graduating in May of 2018

The last backpacking either of us has done was in Scouts. With a 5 yr layoff we decided on one last trip before he gets rolling into adulthood. A section hike on the Appalachian Trail (AT).  We will park in Harpers Ferry and catch a ride to the Gettysburg Battle field Memorial . Then hike back to Harpers Ferry on the AT.

This blog will bring you along on my journey to become lighter in my backpack and my body, I plan to get down to 180lbs.  At the start of this quest I weighed in at 214lbs.  So becoming active and eating healthier has now become a part of my life.  Continuing the lifestyle even after the AT! ……well, lets see where it leads.

So come along with me through blog and video and lets get outside!!

Allen Green

Backpacker Dad.