Finding Ultralight deals online.

Finding Ultralight deals online.

Often when we are looking at purchasing Ultralight and lightweight backpacking gear the first thing we notice (at least it was the first thing I noticed) is the high cost. Just in my big three alone I could have spent over $1000. The ultralight custom backpacks (ULA, Zpacks, Hypermountain Gear) all run in the $300 range, the tent I wanted (Zpacks Duplex) is $600. And a good ultralight quilt can run you $400.

I personally see the value represented in the list above. Handmade quality gear is definitely worth the cost. I’m in a position in my life where my expenses are very high for a season, college for 3 children and weddings take away much of your expendable income. I’m not complaining…..not at all, I’m so thankful I can provide these things for my children. I never had that opportunity given to me. At no fault of my mother. With a high school education she worked two jobs to support us. My mom was great!

With some digging around and research I began to find interim items where I could ease into ultralight backpacking. I would peruse Ebay and Amazon reviews, read articles on outdoor websites and watch YouTube video reviews. It’s time intensive and work, but you can save big bucks$$.

One such outlet was Now I’m not paid nor have they (Massdrop) asked me to pimp them at all. I just believe it’s a very good avenue for finding great ultralight hiking deals. Even just the little things,  for example- Darn Tough socks. At my local REI Darn Tough’s ran about $22 ($21.95) per pair. Through Massdrop I bought 3 pair for $25. Fitsok teamed with Massdrop and offered a good quality Merino wool sock 3 pairs for $20. Now Jordan and I have 3 pair (each) of new hiking socks to replace our old Columbia’s from Academy that were worn out.

Massdrop teamed up with Fitsok to bring a Merino Wool sock at a great price.


Massdrop is a community project. It serves many interests . All you do to join is provide your email- no obligations to buy anything or membership fees. When you first join you will be asked which community you want to follow. The ultralight category is aimed towards the outdoors, camping and hiking.

Ultralight category is the place you want to be….

Through the number of their memberships, Massdrop can approach manufactures with a bulk order. Kind of like cutting out the middleman. As members, you vote on brands and when they do offer deals there are price breaks depending on how many people join the drop. Very cool system. I also picked up a Klymit V Ultralight inflatable sleep pad for $59. It’s become my go- to sleep pad.

Ebay and Amazon are other great places to find deals, but you must do your homework. For instance I heard Toaks Titanium pots were great low- cost pots. Looking around, I found an Ebay dealer that was selling a 550ml pot with a lid for $25. The bottom line is : the object of this game is to  try not to spend a lot of money and get a somewhat good quality item. Then, maybe when I need to replace the gear I can buy the boutique gear I wanted.

We are approaching May quickly. I’m working on several systems including FOOD. Yep -I’m getting a dehydrator for a birthday present (on order). I’m going to probably create our own dinners and breakfast. That and other surprises coming soon. Stay Tuned.