Uncategorized Getting into shape for a long distance hike.

Getting into shape for a long distance hike.

I’m a pretty active guy, but I do my share of sitting on the couch and watching Netflix if I have a second to breathe (which may only be a few hrs every week or two). My job ensures my maintaining a certain level of fitness. But if you put on a 30 lb pack …

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Uncategorized Finding Ultralight deals online.

Finding Ultralight deals online.

Often when we are looking at purchasing Ultralight and lightweight backpacking gear the first thing we notice (at least it was the first thing I noticed) is the high cost. Just in my big three alone I could have spent over $1000. The ultralight custom backpacks (ULA, Zpacks, Hypermountain Gear) all run in the $300 …

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Uncategorized Shakedown Hikes

Shakedown Hikes

I once had someone recommend to me “REI has rental gear why don’t you just rent the stuff when you go on your hike….” I then had to explain to them that backpacking was a system and you have to work with something several times (like a tent) until you can set the thing up …

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Uncategorized Seat pads???

Seat pads???

Jordan wanted to go the closed-cell foam sleeping pad route. It seems that Therm-a-Rest is at the top of the heap in closed-cell foam and inflatable ultra-light sleeping pads for camping. Making it ideal for backpacking. Once the decision is made I take to Amazon and Ebay for the deals. I did’t realize that they …

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Uncategorized Enlightenment…..


The big 3 often refers to Backpack, Shelter (tent, tarp, etc) and sleeping system including sleeping bag and pad. The set up I have works and is comfortable, but comes in at about 15lbs. The backpack carries nicely the 50-70lbs I’ve subjected it to. It weights 3.17lbs. It is 60 liters, large enough for most …

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